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Faces of Math.

Rap music.

Just like Comic Books, Mortal Kombat, and the Big Mac Snack Wrap, it’s on the perennial list of things that will likely make your kids end up a felon or teenage pregnant; whichever is worse, and regardless of gender. But it’s par for the course whenever a new and controversial new medium of expression becomes popular, there’s initially outrage, which is followed by acceptance, which is then followed by exploitation. One need look no further than biblical comics, Mortal Kombat Jr. Math, and the Big Mac Snack Wrappers Kids Meal.

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I’m already dead.

Hi, welcome to the funeral your iPod is already attending.

Death of Analog is a blog made for exactly two reasons: one, to make a website with really badass initials; and two, pour formaldehyde on such as VHS tapes and outdated books/magazines. Figuratively, mind you. I already have enough trouble making my room not smell like donuts and sweat.

To face facts, most analog formats are decomposing as we speak. Magnetic media in particular is slowly losing its fidelity and stability; making what seems like an awesome 10 cents spent on a cassette tape of Megadeth’s Killing Is My Business.. And Business is Good! into 10 cents spent on The Chipmunks Present: Megadeth. Which, admittedly, is better than the concept of “Chipmunks: The Squeakquel” or quite honestly the thought of ever hearing their Christmas album ever again.

Now, surely survival of the fittest says that there’s a reason why I can still buy a Queen album on CD (or pirate it, more likely, in this era), and assume that I’ll never need to worry about it so long as the disc doesn’t melt and/or my hard drive doesn’t fail. If items were considered too dated when it came time to renew copyright, or more often a failed company wasn’t able to sell distribution rights to a company with deeper pockets when the producing company was starting to go under, the product would be lost to the annals of history. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like the idea of history being violated annally for reasons typically based solely on greed and perceived modern relevance. Forget history, doomed to repeat it, so on so forth.

So, here it is, the preservation of our analog past by forcing it to join the digital revolution. Try not to get hurt.

Kevin C. is the author of several short-lived entertainment sites including The Arcade Diaries and Tiny Little Things That Bring Me Secret Joy, as well as the book The Passion of the Christman.

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