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South Park

Posted by: Kevin C. on: March 25, 2013

Ah, another game that I’ve actually played before, and wasn’t too thrilled to revisit! Or, at least, I remember not exactly loving this even back when it was fresh and when the first season of South Park still seemed totally watchable to a teenage me. But looking back on its dated edginess, it can be […]

Turok: Dinosaur Hunter

Posted by: Kevin C. on: December 16, 2012

One of the unspoken rules of this project that I’ve tried to go by is to experience any games with multiple series entries in the order that they came out in. The reason for this should be pretty obvious- it better allows one to see how a series has noticeably improved from iteration to iteration. It’s also […]

Shadow Man

Posted by: Kevin C. on: October 31, 2012

Does anyone remember Acclaim comics? Admittedly, I wasn’t much of a comics nerd at the time this game came out, but I don’t ever recall seeing them on comic shelves or hearing anyone ever so much as mention them during their existence. Most anyone who owned a Nintendo 64 back in the day, though, knows […]