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Buck Bumble

Posted by: Kevin C. on: October 13, 2013

If you’re anything like me, you hear the name Argonaut and instantly think Star Fox. Or possibly Starglider, if you’re old and likely British. So when I found out that Buck Bumble wasn’t a 3D platformer starring a bee with a gun but rather an Argonaut-developed Star Fox-esque mission-based shooter, I thought I could come […]

Army Men: Air Combat

Posted by: Kevin C. on: August 18, 2013

Between the fact that this game can typically be had very cheap and the fact that it’s part of a franchise that had long since milked its premise of being a game starring living green plastic army men dry of all its charm, I can’t say my hopes were high for this one. I remember […]

Rugrats Scavenger Hunt

Posted by: Kevin C. on: July 30, 2013

With a name like that, you’d probably be justified in assuming that this game is a Mario 64-esque 3D platformer of some sort. After all, you’d be pretty much justified in calling just about every single one of them elaborate scavenger hunts of varying levels of respect to the players time and obsessive-compulsive impulses. Once […]