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Buck Bumble

Posted by: Kevin C. on: October 13, 2013

If you’re anything like me, you hear the name Argonaut and instantly think Star Fox. Or possibly Starglider, if you’re old and likely British. So when I found out that Buck Bumble wasn’t a 3D platformer starring a bee with a gun but rather an Argonaut-developed Star Fox-esque mission-based shooter, I thought I could come […]

Bomberman Hero

Posted by: Kevin C. on: August 12, 2012

I really didn’t know what this game was going to be, other than that it would involve Bomberman and that it would probably be really easy to commit bomb-based accidental suicide. Both of these things are kind of hallmarks for the Bomberman series. Bomberman 64, from what I remember of it, was more akin to […]