Forest Your Weary Head

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Children’s programming is always easy pickings, so I feel bad for making my sophomore post about just such a thing. But I found this particular title sealed in shrink wrap, just like the kind of thing people seem shocked to find covering games at Gamestop these days. This title comes straight outta 1996, when visible puppet rods apparently were still very much en vogue.

This particular series (I imagine it wasn’t just a pilot) is a little on the difficult side to find much history about. It had a PO Box in Minnesota, a sure sign of quality, which allowed you to send a letter to it for a special surprise. There’s really no telling what kind of surprise this was, but if this “scared ya!” episode is any indication it’d probably be something like the ol’ “rattlesnake eggs” in the envelope trick. Perfect for when the presumably midwest public television audience and their children who encountered this show has to actually encounter real poison snakes. They won’t be part of the “Good and Scared Club”, and will commit a public service by attempting to beat the snakes to death due to pure fear. And preferably tape it and post it to Youtube, so we can track the current approximate number of reptiles that are aiming to bite and kill us on a majestic midwest mountain hike at any given point in time. See you in the forest!

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